• Live Streams of Services Available

    In addition to in-person services, St. Barnabas has been providing livestream video of services via its Facebook page and YouTube channel. Please access these links to view these broadcasts.

  • Listen to Spiritual Reflections from Bishop Anthony

    Bishop Anthony (Diocese of Toledo and the Midwest) recently recorded an important message on Spirituality during our time. It can be found here and on his YouTube channel.

  • Learn About Orthodox Christianity

    There are many resources available which provide background on the Orthodox Christian faith. Besides online material available, one of the more comprehensive educational programs is a series called Journey to Fullness. This series is available in several forms for purchase at the web site linked to the LEARN MORE button below.

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  • Baptism

    Baptism is one of the Seven Sacraments in the Orthodox Christian Church. There are two essential elements of Baptism: the invocation of the Name of the Holy Trinity and the thrice immersion/washing in water.

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About Orthodoxy

The Orthodox Church was founded by our Lord Jesus Christ and is the living manifestation of His presence in the history of mankind. The most conspicuous characteristics of Orthodoxy are its rich liturgical life and its faithfulness to the apostolic tradition. It is believed by Orthodox Christians that their Church has preserved the tradition and continuity of the ancient Church in its fullness compared to other Christian denominations which have departed from the common tradition of the Church of the first 10 centuries. Today the Orthodox Church numbers approximately 300 million Christians who follow the faith and practices that were defined by the first seven ecumenical councils. The word orthodox ("right belief and right glory") has traditionally been used, in the Greek-speaking Christian world, to designate communities, or individuals, who preserved the true faith (as defined by those councils), as opposed to those who were declared heretical. The official designation of the church in its liturgical and canonical texts is "the Orthodox Catholic Church" (gr. catholicos = universal).

You may wish to read First Visit to an Orthodox Church: Twelve Things I Wish I'd Known by Frederica Mathewes-Green which describes elements of the Orthodox Church which are different than other Christian denominations.

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Orthodox Christian services follow the old tradition of the Christian Church. Liturgical Services reinforce the message of Christ through reenactments of the events of salvation history, by which we enter into those once for all events and the Grace that is given through them, and through Biblical readings and teachings.

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