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Ministries at St. Barnabas

Parish Council

St. Barnabas is spiritually led by its Clergy and the Antiochian Orthodox Chrisitian Archdiocese. The Parish Council supports the operational and business matters of the Church representing the congregation.

Men's and Women's Groups

The Men's and Women's Groups of St. Barnabas exist to provide spirtiual support, fellowship and perform Good Works in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Church School

The St. Barnabas Church School program provides young people with informaiton and lessons from the Orthodox Christian faith and provides tools to deal with societal challenges.

Investing Your Time

Community Outreach

St. Barnabas Church actively supports certain organizations and individuals in need through commitment of time, financial and spiritual resources.

Church Cleaning and Property Beautification

Much of the ongoing support required for St. Barnabas operation comes from the help of its congregation.

Bible Study

St. Barnabas offers various forms of Bible Study for those unfamiliar with the Orthodox Christian faith through its Pathfinder's Class and in special topical faith-based discussions.