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Why Pray?

We need Prayer to refocus ourselves from the world's distractions

The simple act of Prayer helps to break the routines we can develop during work, school or leisure time which comprise our daily life. Our work, school, and leisure routines can move us away from God and the teachings of Jesus Christ. If Prayer does not become one of our routines and regular habits, we can become vulnerable to the passions of the world. Passions such as desire for material goods, anger, envy, lust, fear and depression can overtake and control our daily lives and lead us to grave danger or sickness. Praying to God, Jesus, the Theotokos or the Holy Saints will help to center our thinking on God and protect us from evil distractions.

Individual Prayer

Just a few minutes a day are needed

We can spend a brief amount of time each day to thank God for what we have been given, ask for forgiveness for our sinful behavior, pray for the sick and the suffering, pray for those who have passed away and those that we love or hate. These prayers will connect us with the God of our salvation and help recenter our thinking and feelings away from the passions and give us strength to live according to God's will and Christ's teachings. The simple Jesus Prayer: "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner" can be recited one or more times per day to provide us daily help.

Communal Prayer - Liturgies

United in worship with the Kingdom of God and the Holy Saints

In the Gospel of Matthew (18:20), Jesus Christ says that "For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them". This is a direct call to be united in worship as the Liturgies of the Orthodox Christian Church provide for us. By being together we welcome Christ into our lives in a significant way and provides for the fullness of our Faith. Attending the Liturgical services enable us to hear and reflect on the Scripture readings, confess our sins and participate in the Holy Eucharist.